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Yamaha Tw200 Air Fuel Screw

This Yamaha Air Fuel Screw motorcycle carb motor Air carburetor is an uncomplicated adjust Fuel mixture Screw motor, this Screw motor is included with the motorcycle. It is a practical accessory for your motorcycle.

Top 10 Yamaha Tw200 Air Fuel Screw

This is a Yamaha Air Fuel Screw that is used in order to adjust the idle speed of a carburetor, it is moreover known as an idle speed adjuster Screw because it is used in order to prevent the Air Fuel mixture from being arctic cat racing Screw from hitting the Air cleaner and causing the bike to turn over. The Yamaha Air Fuel Screw is an adjustable Air Fuel Screw that allows the carburetor to match the Air Fuel mixture used on a motor of 4 stroke, the Screw is produced from stainless steel for durability and strength and it is simultaneously adjustable to suit most motorcycles. The Screw as well equipped with a stroke screwdriver to easily & efficiently match the Air Fuel mixture, looking for an alternative to add Air Fuel Screw to your Yamaha this Screw is sensational for doing just that! With a simple set of controls, you can set the amount of Air and Fuel that travels through the Screw to make it like adding Air to the Fuel Screw will start the bike in to run on air. This product is an Air Fuel Screw that can be used to adjust the Fuel mixture of a motorcycle, it is fabricated of durable plastic and grants a spacers for a tight fit. It is moreover adjustable to an exceptional Fuel mixture.