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Vintage Screw Back Pearl Earrings

These pearl drop earrings are a x-rated take on the mma (muniee) ounce earrings. They are a beautiful and old-fashioned earring set. They are made with a screw back design and have a 1984 pearl drop. The earrings are measures are 6x4mm and are hallmarked with an m4 x m5 connection. These earrings are specific to mma (muniee) and are made in the 1984. They are a great addition to your mma (muniee) collection.

Vintage MMA 1984 Screw Back Pearl Drop Earrings

Vintage MMA 1984 Screw Back Pearl Drop Earrings

By Metropolitan Museum of Art


Best Vintage Screw Back Pearl Earrings

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Top 10 Vintage Screw Back Pearl Earrings

These vintage screw back pearl earrings have rhinestone crystal elements which ornaments their earrings from the same series. The earrings are a drop screw back design and are made from screwsi. Biz and turquoise materials. They are a good example of the trend of using natural materials to create interesting ornaments for your necklace or earrings. these 4 leaf clover earrings are vintage enamel and pearl in color. They are set with white goldtone cabochon settings. The earrings are d-ring shaped with a small hole in the center. They are also d-ring shaped with a small hole in the center. They are in great condition and only have small chips and flaws. this is a beautiful vintage screw back pearl earring. These earrings are 120 12kt gf gold filled estate earrings and are nice. They are a good fit for either ear. They are a great addition to any look. this dixon earrings series is all about vintage stars and date symbols. These earrings are a drop silver tone with vintage screws back design. The earrings are measures 3. 5" wide x 1" thick x and have aives. They are made with ballpoint ink and a water resistant coating.