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Truss Head Screw

Looking for a substitute to add some stability to your items? Don't look anywhere than our Truss Head screws! We offer 50 pieces of Truss Head screws for your shop, so you can be sure you're getting what you need and that you're getting it now, these screws are beneficial for slightest of shelves or any other referencing where quality is important.


8 X 3/4" Philips modified

By Strong Point


Phillips Modified Truss Head Black Oxide Steel
Steel Zinc Plated (10)

5/16-18x1 Truss Head Slotted Machine




#8 Black Wafer Head Tek

By 225FWY


#8x 1/2

Modified Truss Head Self piercing

By CYW, Strong-point, IFG and others


#8 X 1/2
# 8 X 3/4

(1000) Modified Truss Head Self

By CYW ,IFG and others


# 8 X 1

(500) Modified Truss Head Self

By CYW ,IFG and others


10-24 x 1/2
Stainless X Choose Size And Qty

#8 Truss Head Phillips Drive

By EZ-Fasteners


Stainless X Choose Size

#10 Truss Head Phillips Drive

By EZ-Fasteners



(10,000) Phillips Modified Truss Head

By Lexar Industrial


M2 3mm M.2 SSD Hard Drive Phillips Head Screw NVME SATA PCIe

Truss Head Wood Screw

This is a Truss Head wood Screw that is used to fix panes of metal (arms and sides) to a risers or other surface, the Truss Head wood Screw is fabricated of wood and it presents a loose end at one end and a tight end at the other. The tight end is placed above the rocker and the loose end is placed below it, the key is to adopt the tight end to press into the rocker and the key is to operate the loose end to pull out of the rocker our stainless steel modified Truss Head screws are enticing alternative for sheet metal screws. They are 8 x 12 in size and are made of stainless steel to ensure long life and reliability, this set comes with a phillips drive that makes it basic to tighten screws. This item is a stainless steel 18-8 phillips Truss Screw with an 34 qty 100, it is splendid for sheet mirror and other applications where a stainless steel Head is preferable. The Head is manufactured of hardwood with a maple veneer body, the Screw grants a phillips Head and is 1-3/4 inches long. It is pack with a box, this is a collection of modified Truss screws that are specific for self-poking and black lath screws. For more information or to purchase this product visit our.