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T5 Screws

Looking for a quality t5 screws? look no further than our top-quality lineup of screws for the macbook air 13 a1369 a1466 2022 2022. We love our t5 screws, and we offer them at an affordable price you can trust.

T5 Screw

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T5 M2-35l Screws

These screws are a logic board screws and are used to screw the motherboard to the computer. The screws are 1/4 inches long and the washer is made of smooth steel and the nickel-metal-hydride. The screws are total length of about 11 inches and the height of about 1/2 inches. these torx screw are for the 13" macbook air and are perfect for securing the battery to the case. The screws are 1. 5" width and theokes are black. this torx screw was designed to support and protect your dell xps 13 93 processor. The t5 screw is a high quality and durable screw that is perfect for holding the bottom case of your computer. This screw is also easy to use and makes it easy to do your work with. this product is a 12 piece torx head screwdriver bit set. It comes with 14 hex shank t5-t40. They are security tamper-proof and will not easily be replaced or removed by an enemy.