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Ssd Screws

Looking for a discount fastener for your 2. 5 ssd hard drive? look no further than our 15pc m3 x 4mm fastener for 2. 5 ssd hard drive phillips screw sata free usa ship. Our fastener is an ideal fit for your drive and will help make your computing experience faster and more efficient.

Ssd Screws Walmart

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Ssd Screws Ebay

If you are looking for a screws kit that does the job well, then you need to check out this one! The m. 2 screw kit is a great way to gets your computer to work with a different chipset or nvme drive. You can also use it to screw on a ssd if you're looking to use an larger drive. This will let you use the same screws for all your drives. the screws are a m2 3mm size and are phillips head screws. The sata pcie card will need a 2hardt 3mm cpu cooler. product: ssd screws type: m2 x 3mm color: black is: use for ssd screws grade: g2 the screws are 6 pcs m3x3. 5mm screws and they are standard fastener for 2. 5 sata hdds. They will never come out center orollar and will fit perfectly into the provided 1 in 1 ports connector.