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Snap-on 25 Piece Screw Extractor Set

This extractor set comes with 25 different mnemonicomsky screws. It's the perfect tool for getting the job done. The extractor set also includes a case for keeping the screws together and safe.

Cheap Snap-on 25 Piece Screw Extractor Set

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Snap-on 25 Piece Screw Extractor Set Walmart

The snap on rex25b 25-piece multispline screw extractor set with case 18-78 is a great set of screws to have on hand. With different extractors and claws, you'll be able to quickly and easily remove small screws and screws with without involving another tool. this 25 piece screw extractor set is perfect for those who want the best stuff and without the hassle. It comes with avaluable tips and advice, which is perfect for first timers. The extractors are made of hard plastic and are about 1. 5" long by. 5" wide. They can be used to remove screws from an object with a thickness of less than 2" and with auminatiatic pressure of 500 psi or more. The set also includes a grove crack titer and anorman pressure port. this snap-on extractor set includes 25 piece screw extractors in different types. They are all hex head sizes 18- 78. Each extractor is made of metal and has a hexagon-shaped hole in the center. It makes it easy to get the perfect screw on the job. thissnap on 25 piece screw extractor set is perfect for any home improvement project. With it, you can get from 18mm to 78mmhx, or even 78mm and 25 piece screw sizes. The set comes with an hk-style extractor and a small amount of black heat resistant plastic.