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This is a screws sellers product! All of our goods are made with brass-mounted wood screws. Our products are sold in 30-sized bags, containing 10-15 screws. These bags come with a long strap, so that the bag can be carried around. The screws are white, and have a silver-hued finish. These bags also have a screwdriver hidden within.

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This is a package of 12x hss countersink drill bit 14 hex shank wood titanium pilot screw hole set. The bit is in a small shape that can be used for englishman-like screws, but the end is long and has a nut for m3 screws. The bit is also long and has a hex shank wood titanium pilot screw hole set. this is a phillips truss head tap screw. It is 1. 61" in diameter and 50 letters (x 16mm) in length. It is usa-made with a screw-length of 16mm. The key itself is the 1. 60" normally sized screw. this is a great deal on phillips mounting screws for screws. Age: # - 08002139-00 these screws are a great deal at 08002139-00. They are a pick-up round head phillips mounting screws that are perfect for attaching to a bar or wall. They come in a black color and have small gold letters that identify them as p-90 soapbar pick-up round head philips mounting screws. looking for a top quality screw in a convenient and affordable price? look no further than these screws! They are a great choice for those who desire precision and speed in their screws production. Made from black steel, these screws are durable and effective, making them a great choice for heavy-duty use.