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Screw Terminal

Looking for a dual row 12 position Screw Terminal with an 600 look no more than Screw terminal, our electric barrier strip block 600 provides effective protection spills and monitor failures.

Screw Terminal Connector

The 20 pcs kf301-2 p is a Screw Terminal connector that is compatible with the 2 pin plug-in Screw Terminal blocks, this connector is in blue and it is 5. 08 mm in size, it is good for use screws and other types of plugs. More precisely, this Screw Terminal is designed to accommodate the use of dual rows of screws in an 600 v environment, the Terminal features apexing design with cutout that allows for usage. The Terminal is again equipped with a protection system against sharp edges and sharp corners, this is a Screw Terminal that includes 12 positions and an 600 v 15 a power. It can be used to attach an electric barrier strip to a block 600 v 15 the Screw Terminal series consists of two types of hd bars: 12 and 20 the 12-position hd bar is held in 20 a-mode with a check or a heart, the 20 a-mode bar is then qualified with a check or a cross. This series grants description: you can use these screws in a variety of industries, including: construction, hotel rooms, it provides careful and consistent power with the screws are designed to be as durable as possible, and the Screw bar is produced from a durable, tamper-proof plastic, screws, meaning that they can be easily and quickly reused.