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Screw Spy Camera

This Screw Camera nanny cam is top-grade for folks needs! It's an 4 k wifi wireless Spy mini Camera that can track & monitor your home's wi-fi performance, if you have a hidden screen or desk with low-power wifi biz access, this cams will track and monitor this dh to ensure safe and secure hd Screw access.

Screw Camera

This is a Screw Camera dvr for use in comforts, it is a miniaturized version of the Camera that is used to take pictures like video footage and stills. This Screw Camera gives a wireless mini wifi technology that makes it uncomplicated to handle and track, the Camera also extends a hidden pinhole that makes it possible to watch video and photos from the Camera at the same time. The Camera is a mini-dvr that records 4 k video, and can be connected to a wireless network to allow users to monitor their home or office footage, the Camera can be hidden in a Screw head, and can be used to Spy on loved ones from inside their house. This is a wireless Spy Camera that you can use to watch those who and what you are monitoring from your device, the Camera extends a mini pinhole system that makes it uncomplicated to watch from anywhere. You can also use it to track down expendables 2's hidden password and watch the infra-red image from the Screw Camera when you need to view the video, this is a wireless Screw head Camera that you can use to watch your screws at work. The Camera provides a mini 1080 hd resolution that will let you watch your footage on your computer or smartphones, additionally, the Camera can track your screws and bring you daily reports so you can keep your biz safe.