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Screw Pipe Clamp

This Screw Pipe Clamp is practical for attaching screws to an 2- or 3-in, the Clamp is manufactured of durable plastic and presents a weatherproofing system to keep the Clamp from getting damaged. It also provides a-url link system to ensure accuracy when clamping the pipe.

Screw Pipe Clamp Amazon

This is a Screw Pipe Clamp that is 4 inch thumb Screw key adjustable 304 stainless steel hose clamps Pipe Clamp it is top-of-the-line for use in tighten down of pressures or other processes that need a tight seal, this 3-way 1-inch Pipe Clamp is first-rate for connecting or removing stainless steel screws. It renders a design that is both adaptable and sturdy, the Clamp also comes with a washer and nylon o-ring for ease of installation. While the top is 3 inches wide, the clamps are also 3 inches wide and have a thumb Screw on each end. The clamps can be placed on the top of the Pipe and/or the bottom of the Pipe to ensure a tight Clamp on of the pipe, this Clamp can also be used to hose clamps if desired. This vintage Pipe Clamp is a first-rate piece of hardware to keep on hand for when you need a tight screw-up, it gives a v-shaped head Screw and a j-shaped tail Screw for a beneficial fit. The clamped piece offers a small, hard-shell case.