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Screw In Battery Terminals

These screw-on Battery ring Terminals are enticing for use In applications where an eyelet type Battery terminator is not available, they are made from high-quality, stainless steel for long lasting operation and have a black anodized look to them.

Top 10 Screw In Battery Terminals

This product contains Screw In Battery Terminals and ring terminators, it is a metric product and the length of the cable is set at 4 awg. The cable is designed to file, the terminators are designed to heat up and then explode. This is a6 mm gauge cable with 6 awg ring Terminals and metal tinned finish, the cable is fabricated with a Screw In Battery type. This type of cable is designed to reduce cable failure and continue use after being connected to a battery, the cable is further pure copper tinned for heat resistance. This set includes screws an eyelet Screw and a type set the screws need to be inserted into the eyelet Screw and the type set needs to be inserted into the screws, the eyelet Screw needs to be at the back of the computer body, while the type set needs to be on the front. This type of Screw is best for implementing in-line Battery chargers, the Screw is designed to push the Battery Terminals into the screw-in type Battery charger ratchet type terminal set. The Screw is located at the end of the Battery cable.