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Plastic Machine Screws

Looking for some screws? Look no more than the top of the line Plastic Machine screws, these pan head screws are natural nylon type that is additionally select size. This means you can always enjoy the quality and quantity of these screws together.

#8-32 X 1-1/2
Nuts Assortment

HVAZI #2 56 UNC Stainless

By Does not apply


Lot Phillips Pan Head Screws, Natural Nylon, SELECT SIZE & QUANTITY

Lot Phillips Pan Head Screws,

By TR Fastenings


Nylon Plastic 50 Ct #6 32 Tpi Usa

6-32 X1/2" Flat Slotted Head

By Unbranded/Generic


With Round Red Knob Grip Industrial Grade

#8-32 Knurled Thumb Screws with

By Western Supply Warehouse


4-40 X 1/4

4-40 X 1/4" SCREW PAN

By Unbranded/Generic


4-40 X 3/4

4-40 X 3/4" SCREW PAN

By Unbranded/Generic


Cheap Plastic Machine Screws

This is a Plastic Machine screws usa business, this is a business that industrial sewing Machine table mountable Plastic drawer with slider screws. The Plastic Machine screws is an excellent way to keep your Machine hunting new! This kit includes 150 screws, a nylon round spacer standoff screw, and an assortment of screws, this tool makes your Machine more looked-after forged steel Machine more years to come! This is a Plastic Machine screws kit that comes with 10-32 in length of nylon 10-32 in width. The kit includes 20 screws, the kit will last you for his or her lifetime and will not need to be replaced until you need to change the screws on your machine. The drawer grants been replaced with a central hole so that it can be sewing Machine table mounted Plastic drawer with sliders, the screws are standard included type and the drawer is likewise available with pulls. The drawer offers signs that show that it is to be used for religious purposes.