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Metric Screws

This m3-0. 5 allen hex socket cap head screw bolt is for use with m3-0. 5 screws and other type of hex screws. It is a great tool for using in your shop to remove screws and other types of hex screws. Thisbolt is made from 4-50mm alloy steel for lasting use.

Best Metric Screws

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Top 10 Metric Screws

Looking for a metric screws? look no further than our selection of screw types made from m2, m3, m3. 5, and black phillips cross countersunk head materials. Whether you need some for a self- tapping screw or for use in screws with a depth of 3. 5 or more, these screws are the perfect choice. Our selection features a variety of colors to fit any situation, making it easy to choose the perfect screw for your needs. the metric screws set includes self-tapping screws (m2 phillips head micro screws) 800 pieces. The set includes a tool for each screw, so you can have different applications for your metric screws. The screws are easy to use and they come in a tool pouch to keep them safe. The screws are also disease-resistant. our metric screws are a natural lookingbolt washarge assortment of 240pc goliath industrial zmnb240 zinc metric nut bolt washer assortment. Our metric screws are a good quality and of the best quality available from us. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to make your installation a successful and easy. this metric screws is a set of 240pc goliath industrial nuts that are black electric self-clampingnut. They are a fast-eners and a good choice for many tasks, including fixing machines and tools to their original condition. The nut is also a good choice for fixing machines and tools to a precision of 0.