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M6 X 16 Screw

Looking for a stainless steel allen hex socket cap head screw? Don't search more than M6 X 16 screws, these screws are enticing substitute for other applications such as m3 m4 m5 M6 304 stainless steel allen hex socket cap head screws.

M6 16 Screw

This m4 m5 M6 allen hex socket countersunk head flat head 304 stainless is a top choice for use with machines that require a stainless steel head, the silver finish makes it a good choice for admirers who itch to adopt this with a like machine. This gb70 style Screw is an 16 Screw set and it is designed to help you tighten lights and screws, the Screw is manufactured of stainless steel and it grants head and it is 6 mm dia. The screws are 6 m6-1, 00 X 16 mm and have powder-coated black finish. They are set in a system that includes nut and bolt, but the screws are also as was once again required in the M6 series, the screws are from vendors M6 products. The M6 X 16 Screw is a metric hex flange bolt which comes in grades 10, 9 din 6921. It is an 25-endmetric hex flange bolt which means that it renders an 5 mm wide X 16 mm long head, the M6 X 16 Screw is usually used for sides ofriel-like objects together.