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M4x10 Screw

Looking for a quality hex socket with black alloy steel? Don't look anywhere than m4 m5 m6 m8 grade 10, 9 black alloy steel. This socket is practical for making small repairs or building larger screws, plus, the high quality and stylish design will have your customers coming back for more.

Top 10 M4x10 Screw

This m4 x10 Screw is a black alloy hex socket cap head screw, it is 12. 9 grade which means it is well made and made to last, this Screw is moreover score by the municipality of london for its military like design. This Screw is an unequaled alternative for use for bolts in places like machines, airconditioning, and other heavy machinery, this 12. 9 alloy steel Screw is good for every day use, its black oxide film causes it to start to corrode over time. The alloy steel makes it difficult to pry open, and the din number indicates it's for the trade of money, this m4 x 10 mm Screw is a type of screws that are commonly used and other applications where quick secure connections are needed. The screws are a2-sized which means that they will fit into most engineering channels and are made of stainless steel for durability, the screws are also available in an 2-pack as a set. This m4 x10 Screw is from thus having a latest model number of 7 x10 mm, it is a stainless steel cap Screw with a very low resistance to heat and it requires no political programming. Its beauty is that it offers a very simple design with an united states of america symbol on one side and a key symbol on the other, it is likewise available in other metals like m4 x10 mm for $10 more than the standard screw.