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Lath Screws

The klath screws are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an industry-specific solution or a general-purpose screw. They are perfect for silver, gold, and other-welding tasks, becoming more sharp with each use. The point-for-point alignment of klath screws makes them ideal for use inugavel with other screws and screws-related equipment.

Various Screws, drywall, deck, metal, concrete, wood, MDF, K-Lath, Type 17, SP,

Various Screws, drywall, deck, metal, concrete, wood, MDF, K-Lath, Type 17, SP,

By CYW, Strong-point (Interccop), CTG and others


Top 10 Lath Screws

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Lath Screws Amazon

These screws are designed to increase efficiency in various processes by using a sharp, ossy-like head to tighten connections and prevent play. They are also non-toxic and non-toxic plastic screws, which makes them ideal for use in questionnaires or other data entry applications. this package includes the following: 8 phillips modified truss head lath wood screws - 305 stainless - select length. This k-lath screw is a high-quality, stainless steel type that is perfect for using with other screws to connect pieces of metal together. The screws are selected because they have a good amount of life left in them, and they are easy to hold and control. these 8x 12-k-lath screws are made with modified truss head self piercingsharp point screws. They are 12x3 inch screws and will required a 24" longeyelet for hanging.