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Lag Screw

Are you searching for a quality Lag screw? You've come to the right place, at hex head, we offer quality stainless steel Lag screws in 14 x 1-12. We offer a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit any needs, so granted that searching for a quality piece of then we've got you covered.

Hex Lag Screw

The hex Lag Screw is a new type of Screw that is designed to resist hexing by making a spheroidal cutting head, the spheroidal cutting head creates more leverage, which makes it easier to loosen the Screw without having to lift the Screw all the alternative off the screwdriver. This is a quality Lag Screw eye bolt set that is designed to safely and quickly fasten to other hinges, the long shank eyelets made of stainless steel provide stable and tight connections. The set also includes 14 x 4 eyelets, which makes it sterling for attaching to a variety of metals, our Lag Screw 304 stainless steel 12 x 10 s0335-13250. Is good for use in systems that require maintenance or repair, it renders an 12-inch size and stainless steel. This is a quality 3/8" 14" Lag screws head, it is constructionally sound, and features a heavy duty coating of timber wood coated t-30 dr. This screws is splendid for our needs.