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Knurled Knob With Set Screw

This is a first rate tool for enthusiasts who enjoy to play music! It's a black Knurled Knob With a Set Screw for a domed top, the Knurled top gives a little decoration on it that makes it look like a Set of screws. It's a sensational tool for tele style guitars.

Cheap Knurled Knob With Set Screw

This Knurled Knob is a sensational addition to your kitchen! The half Knurled side allows you to Set the Knob at any angle you choose, while the Set Screw ensures that the Knob always in place, this Knurled Knob is an enticing substitute for a functional kitchen knob, or for who wants an unique and stylish addition to the home. This beautiful circular gold Knob is sensational to increase the security of your home With its Set Screw system, the Knurled side renders a half Knurled design which makes it easier to tighten and is again better designed because it doesn't require a philips screwdriver. This Knob extends a half Knurled side that allows you to choose between a Set Screw or Set screw, the other side renders a Knurled Set Screw for adding your own type of knob. This Knob grants a beautiful chrome design and is a sensational addition to your this is a solid aluminum Knob that presents an 1 diameter, it is produced With a durable hardwood material that will last. It is Set With small screws that make it effortless to use.