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Ikea Screw 117327

This Ikea Screw is a must-have for any time of need that involves reversing a Screw or bolting in a new part, it prevents damage and makes a big difference in ease of use.

Ikea Screw 117327 Ebay

Replacement self- tapping screws for Ikea part 117327 malm, more about this product at ikea. This is a pack of Ikea bed frame screws that are 6 pack, they are new item on amazon. Kind of like how you would get a milk jag or a key ring but with bed frame screws, they are type of screws that are terrific for joinery and other building purposes. Our Ikea screws are best-in-class solution for any job, they're durable and effortless to use, making it facile to recommend them to others. If you need a Screw for a bed frame, you can use this Ikea screw, it's a black color and it presents a number 117327 on it. You can use this Screw to fastener the part between the bed frame and the wall, this Screw is strong and sturdy, so you can be sure that you're getting a good quality one.