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E46 Bleeder Screw

This is a practical gift for the car enthusiast in your life! This brass expansion tank will help so your car doesn't have to wait until the fix it yourself part process to look better in the mirror, the brass is white in color and is top-notch to add a touch of elegance to your car. This tank comes in at a very affordable price as well.

Top 10 E46 Bleeder Screw

This is a brass piece that goes into the black bmw coolant expansion tank, it is manufactured of heavy brass and it is a must-have for any person who wants to handle your bmw coolant expansion tank. This piece is likewise called a Bleeder screw, a piece of metal that is used to increase the suction of the coolant on the tank, this uro premium fits the following bmw models: E46 e39 e83 e mtb e53. Looking for a quality engine coolant Bleeder screw? Don't look anywhere than the E46 Bleeder Screw for bmw models, this Screw is designed specifically for E46 mini cooper cars. It makes sure mixture is poured into the engine slowly and doesn't put pressure on the neck of the engine, this is a screws that comes with the engine. It is an 17111712788 size, it is a Screw with a long head and a short head. It is a favorite alternative for shoppers who desire to remove the air in the engine from the tank, it is moreover a favorite substitute for enthusiasts who itch to remove the Bleeder screws from the tank. This screws is again a favorite way for admirers who itch to remove the oil from the tank.