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Dryer Terminal Block Screws Size

This is a valuable set of screws for whirlpool Dryer terminals, they are small and can be used for repair or expansion. The screws are in a clear plastic box with a whirlpool logo.

Whirlpool Terminal Block Screws

This kit includes; 1, whirlpool Terminal Block screws 2. Whirlpool Terminal nutdriver 3, whirlpool Terminal guide 4. Whirlpool Terminal set 5, whirlpool Terminal bitumen 6. Whirlpool Terminal papers 7, whirlpool Terminal filtration 8. Whirlpool Terminal washer and Dryer interface board this kit will help to make sure the installation of the whirlpool Terminal Block screws and nuts is faster and easier, the kit also includes a complete whirlpool Terminal Block guide and set up guide. This is a Dryer Terminal Block screws and nut kit set for whirlpool Dryer Terminal block, it includes screws and nut for the following whirlpool Dryer Terminal blocks: wg this offer is for the whirlpool Dryer power cord screws and nut set - 150. These are need to connect the Dryer to the power cord in order to work, the set comes with the dryer, block, and nut. This Dryer Terminal Block screw kit will help to improve your whirlpool Dryer Terminal Block by adding in a screw for each and brothers Dryer Terminal block, this will help to prevent any loose fit or assembly time when using this equipment with other dryers in the house. The kit also includes a screw for each type of dryer, making it straightforward to order and process.