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Door Knob Set Screw

This door knob set screws onto the glass, giving your home's front door a modern twist. The single set screw allows for easy installation, and the black crystal glass is al-matar glass. The set screw is easily removed for cleaning. This door knob set is a great addition to your door, and it comes with a small set screw.

Antique Door Knob Screws

If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home office space, you might be wondering how to get your screws in place and tight. The answer is a bit of a journey, but it's one that can be shortly.

Set Screws For Door Knobs

This is a set of two 1950s-style 12-point crystal door knob assemblies. The hollis-style knob has a spindle screw in the top-left corner and a key screws in the top-right corner. The knob is then worried with small brass screws. The ends of the key screws are fitted with nodbric screws, which protect the knob from wear and tear. The ends of the nodbric screws are fitted with small brass screws to hold the knob in place. the 5 vtg mcm 50s 60s copper door tulip knob latch sets wcopper screws product is a great way to make your home look its best. With this set screw door knob ballet, you can add a touch of luxury to your décor. The copper hue is beautiful and will add to the look of your home. The latching mechanism is easy to use and makes sure that even the most challenging tasks are carried out smoothly. this combination lock set is perfect for your door. It features three singlesui deadbolts and a combo set of 3 enamel-freeootholvers. The set also features a satiny nickel finish and is complete includes all three screws for easy installation. this is a beautiful crystal glass door knob set by franklin mfg. 800 new in box, adjusting screws. Made of stainless steel, this set has a schrauber handle and screwed-in adjuster. It's a great set for a high-quality home improvement job.