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D-ring Camera Screw

These screws are designed to attach to an 14-in, tripod Screw on a tripod or monopod. They are also compatible with the d-ring Camera systems, this kit includes 5 screws.

D-ring Camera Screw Walmart

This 3-pack 14 d-ring Screw for Camera tripod qr monopod quick release plate is first-rate for lovers that want to keep their Camera in place while taking photos, this Screw is again quick release for uncomplicated removal. This is a Camera Screw shaft and plate combo for the Camera tripod that qr quick release plate 838 provides, the Camera Screw shaft is attached to the bottom of the plate and the plate includes a d-ring around the top. The d-ring provides a stable and secure connection between the Camera Screw and plate combo, which peerless for making sure the Camera is placed correctly and with no worries about loose parts, this is an 2 pc 14 Screw w D Ring stainless quick release plate for Camera tripod monopod. It is designed to allow the use of Camera tripods with a standard 14" length of chain, the plate also includes a standard quick release system for the camera. This is an 5 pack stainless steel d-ring Camera Screw that mounts on the back of a tripod or other hinged device used for Camera activity, the Screw provides sufficient room to attach other screws without excess clearance. The d-ring extends a heft to it that makes it a visual threat without having to worry about it falling off, the 14-in. Length makes it possible to attach other screws on either end, the Screw is manufactured of stainless steel for stable performance and it offers a color- coded designation with black for clear.