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Control Knob With Set Screw

Chrome stacked dual Control Knob concentric Set With Set Screw is a valuable alternative biz shopping, this Knob gives two Control knobs in a dual stack design. The Knob provides a Set Screw on the front and a Screw on the back to keep everything in place, this Knob can be used for multiple tasks such as chrome and management, software and many other tasks.

Control Knob With Set Screw Ebay

This is a black-stacked dual Control knob, the Control Knob renders a Set Screw on each side and is wrapped in dual layer webbing. The Control Knob is able to move freely on the ground and offers a thick plating of silver over its finish to keep it in good condition, the top Screw is a fine-pointed Set Screw and the bottom Screw is a small, browning screw. The controls are able to move independently and are able to be moved around to find an unrivaled setting, this Set of three Control Knob for the fender american jazz bass is produced of quality materials and will provide your music With more control. The Set of three Control knobs are basic to adjust and provide a top-of-the-line amount of strength and precision, this Control Knob renders a marshall style guitar amp on it and can be used to Control the speed of your guitar. The gold cap on the Knob makes it facile to find the correct speed, the volume Control Knob is a Set Screw Knob that allows you to adjust the volume of your music by Set screws. This Knob is located on the bottom of the music player and allows you to work With it to adjust the level of sound within the music.