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Brass Wood Screws

Brass Wood screws are practical alternative for folks who wish to buy screws in bulk, these screws are also uncomplicated to adopt and accessorize, making them great for many items.

Small Brass Wood Screws

This is an 5 x12 size of Brass Wood screws, they are slotted drive and have an oval head. They are top for drives and other tight spaces, these screws are 4 x 12 in size and are designed to these small Brass round head Wood screws are 100% solid Brass and can be used to screw through Wood solely for strength and comfort. They come in a set of two and are valuable value for your home, these 4 x14 flat head Wood screws are solid brass. They have round head Wood screw and are made of 100% brass, these screws are first rate way for making solid Brass fasteners, like ford screws, phillips screws, and more.