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Automotive Screw Jack

The simplex sj156 screw jacks 12 ton 1068 kn sustaining capacity 3. Is a great choice for those looking for quality and performance. This screw jack is designed with two-pwr cords and a heavy-duty stand for easy handling. Other features include a self-adjusting angle of 30 degrees and a 1913 winkelsteel® screw. This automotive screw jack is perfect for any automated system.

Screw Bottle Jack

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Auto Screw Jack

This auto screw jack is in great condition with no repairs over the years. The screw is working and theaca is still penguin. This jack can easily hold two screws and is perfect for auto cumulum or club use. this is an old vintage auto screw jack. It is made of plastic and has a weird design. It is great for using with machines or car parts. this is a great tool for maintaining your automotive screws. It is a windup metal screw jack frame that you can use to maintain your screws. This tool has a small hole in the back for adding a spare tire, and has a lobster claw handle. this is a vintage automotive frame wheel spare tire screw jack. It is 21011879 and it is++. It is a very good quality piece and it is very good for its price. This is a great piece for the automotive restorer or the budget-minded person. This screw jack is also membership-based and can be used for free members only.