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Antique Screws

Looking for some old stock screws? Look no further than american made! These 10 x 1 wood screws are flat head slotted plain steel and are in stock at our old store. Get your hands on some of these old stock screws today!

Old Screw

There are many ways to fix a old screw. Some people use a tool to pierce the screw and remove the parts of the screw that are being removed. Other people use a tool to pierce the screw and remove the entire screw.

Large Flat Head Wood Screws

These large flat head wood screws are ideal for maintaining and/oruring systems. The screws are a good choice for durable applications where a consistent handle size is important. The screws are also compatible with most types of sandpaper and pressure washers. this is a beautiful antique screws and bolts set. I love the slotted head pattern and the fact that it is 5x38. These are great for making small repairs or purchasing in bulk. Thank you for the beautiful set! this is a vintage screws set that contains an old iron screw for an example. The set is full box, and has unuseful slot iron screw for an example. The set is from an old period, and may have been stored for years without being used. This is a great example of how traditional hardware (and wood) can be used together in a beautiful piece of hardware from the 30s-40s. looking for some old screws to use in new projects? look no further than this selection of lag bolt screws - 1 lbblk3161. These screws are in black oxide316x1lbblk3161 material and will make your home improvement project a lot more progresses.