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This is a small, compact, logix terminal block that can be attached to a screwdriver or terminal arms. Made from aluminum and brass, it has a black anodized finish and a true-to-life, digital interface. The 5069-rtb64-screw is ready to use with an interface wired ormagnetic. It includes an allen keyhole screws, which are included in the kit.

A-B Allen Bradley 5069-RTB64-Screw Ser A

A-B Allen Bradley 5069-RTB64-Screw Ser A

By A-B Allen Bradley


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The 5069-rtb64-screw series is a point-of-use screw series that includes the the 5069-rtb64-screw plc series is a new sealed processors that offers a compact way to control low-power devices. It is perfect for small businesses and home businesses. The processors are keyless and push button control, so you can easily oversee the work. this is a perfect for using with our screws the 5069-rtb64-screw ser a compact logix 5000 screw rtb new sealed terminal block is a great addition to your business! With this block, you can use your screws in more places than ever before! this product is a screw.