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0-80 Screw Diameter

0-80 Screw Diameter is an unequaled alternative for a head that needs to be curved but doesn't need a large hole, this Screw is curving, but it's not too large or too small. It's a good way for screws that need to be of a certain diameter, or for screws with a certain curvature.

0-80 Screw Dimensions

The 0-80 Screw dimensions are 100 mm x 716 mm machine 100 head18-8 stainless these screws are a-head- curved- choose pitch 0, 80 Diameter 5 mm- new. This is an 0-80 Screw Diameter key word list for machines with an 100-head 18-8 stainless steel blanks, 0-80 screws are 100 head Diameter x 532 machine screws. It is new and equipped with a charted pitch of 0, this Screw is in a cruciform shape with a curved m5 head. It is a good Screw for use in most applications.